Snow Angels

Some admit that they are most definitely NOT a fan of the winter weather. The snow and wind are enough to drive in the most durable of people. Some even look at the social media pictures of others skiing down steep hill’s of fluffy white snow and think, ‘not me, pass the cocoa’. Dogs aren’t too different so while some relish the glorious and sparkly foot of white that sits on their yards others prefer to cozy up and wait for the sun to shine and the flowers to bloom. The sanctuary enjoys a good mix of adventurous snow lovers and other “cocoa” dogs. Some of them even go out with our wonderful volunteers and enjoy the company of a snow angel or two…

When the storm is done howling and with a little encouragement, the dogs don their coats and walk the paths that have been lovingly shoveled and snow-blowed for them and most find that there is a bounce in their step and their inner puppy is quickly unleashed. Enjoy the peek into the winter wonderland that we are currently enjoying!

As you can see, we not only make snow angels here, we rescue them as well!

Lucy taking a break with her snow angel
Hera on Watch Out Point



Beautiful Sunrise!


Hello 2017!


GOODBYE 2016!!!


Some of you are happy to see 2016 come to an end and some of you are choosing to look back on the year with all of it’s wondrous and fond memories. The dogs can say the same thing, some of them had a remarkable year and some of them are looking forward to the opportunities that 2017 have to offer. Regardless of the group that we may focus on I think it’s safe to admit that 2017 is going to be a great year and we are ready to welcome it with open arms (and paws!). Here at the Sanctuary we always love to take a moment to reminisce over the past year by looking back on the dogs that we have been able to help.  Some of them have left for their happily ever after and some are still gracing our doorways but one thing holds true, both staff and volunteers are delighted to call them “family”. These dogs have created so many smiles and stories through their interactions with those that spend time with them that they have unwittingly sewn an invisible string of love connecting us all. These dogs are the embodiment of love and we are lucky to have them in our lives.

Welcome, 2017 and all of the memories that you have in store for us.


Is that you, 2017?? WELCOME!!!




Thank You Fall 2016 Interns

Interns are an amazing integration to making the Sanctuary work to its full capacity and we enthusiastically welcome their help and expertise! We’ve recently had to say goodbye to our Fall UCONN interns and we want to thank them all for their great work this semester! Not only were they a huge help with the day to day chores but they also played a big role in the progress that many of our dogs have made over the past few months. This progress has ultimately lead to the adoption of a handful of our dogs! They did many field trips with our dogs (who doesn’t like going off and having fun!) and assisted in executing behavioral and training plans. For example, they worked very hard on Gordie’s and Aspen’s training and even took Gordie, Aspen, and Brody to class some weeks. This was a very dedicated group!

We wish them all the luck in the world for their futures in animal care.

Thank you Brittany, Carolyn, Natalia, and Tiffany!!





Splish Splash!

Lucy is currently our only sanctuary guest interested in taking full advantage of the pool accommodations that we provide all of the pups at the sanctuary. She just can’t get enough of it! We hope that her playful antics help to keep you cool on this sun-soaked day!

Take time to splash around and then be sure to wrap up in a big towel and relax in the air conditioning!

Lucy Towel 062116

Memorial Day Weekend!

At last, it seems that summer might be here! The pups (especially our pool fanatic, Lucy) have been enjoying some lounge time in the 80 degree weather and  the cool sensation of a frozen Kong in order to keep cool. We hope that you have some relaxing plans ahead of you over this long weekend but if you choose to get out and enjoy the fine weather then we encourage you to come take a tour of the Our Companions Animal Rescue Sanctuary! The Sanctuary is open to the public every Saturday from 1pm-3pm and we would love to meet you!

Lucy start of summer 052616.jpg
Ahhh. I love my pool!
A frozen kong hits the spot on these really hot days!
Relaxing in the shade is the way to go!

Cookie Donation from Room 6

A wonderful group of preschoolers from Room 6 at the Manchester Preschool Center took on a thoughtful project of making some homemade dog cookies for the sweet pooches at the Our Companions Animal Sanctuary – and they were a hit! We are so grateful for the small hands that have made these dogs so very happy! They were even sure to list the ingredients that were in the treats so we would be able to avoid any potential allergy issues. These kids are some super smart cookies!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, OC Sanctuary!

It was a fine Fall day for the Our Companions Animal Sanctuary to host a celebration, and what a celebration to behold! The sanctuary has officially been open for three years and has since been helping beautiful felines and canines find their loving forever homes. This sanctuary holds such a close place in the hearts of many, especially the volunteers who give so much of their time and attention to making sure the animals are happy and thriving. It was so nice to celebrate with some of these amazing individuals over some apple cider and cupcakes (featuring the faces of some of the pets to have been at the sanctuary over the past year) and get to know a little more about them. Stories were shared over the antics of the dogs and fond memories were expressed over the playful kitties.

OC 3rd bday Judi Cupcake   OC 3rd bday Cupcakes OC 3rd Bday Michelle cupcake OC 3rd bday Joann and Aggie

OC 3rd bday cupcakes 2

OC 3rd bday dog petolantern
a specially carved dog pumpkin.. who was the model?
OC 3rd bday cat petolantern
This cool cat is down to party! MEOW!







We even had some beautiful pumpkins donated by a very talented volunteer! Thanks Jane!!

A special guest made an appearance as well! Johnny came out to see so many of his admirers before he embarked on his next stage in life, a wonderful new home with an amazing family. A true Cinderella story for the large sick lab that spent the last two years of his life healing and forging friendships with everyone he met. tears of joy were shed as well as lots of lingering snuggles. We’re so happy for you, Johnny!