Never Too Late

Bonnie 030516a

It’s never too late for a happy ending.  At 11 years young, Bonnie is turning back the clock with every day she spends with us.  She came to the sanctuary a few months ago at a whopping 47 pounds.  She had a tough time getting around and, to make matters worse, had a very large fatty tumor obstructing her movement.  But under the gentle care of our staff and volunteers, she’s dropped several pounds and had a successful surgery to remove her tumor.  She now jogs down our hiking paths and leaps into chairs and couches with ease.  Every day, she gets a little smaller and her joy for life just grows.

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Black Beauty

Jessie 032916a

Jessie is the picture of canine grace.  And she has an inner beauty to match.  Attentive and affectionate, she never saw a face that she didn’t want to kiss, and her belly is always available for some rubs.

Jessie 2-19-16b


Jessie came to us from a local animal control office.  She was sighted running loose in the town in winter and, though it took some time and several attempts, they were able to catch her and bring her in.  Once they had her safe and indoors, they saw what a joyful teddy bear she was.

Jessie 040116a


Unfortunately, she had a few health care concerns that needed addressing.  She needed to be spayed, her skin and coat were in poor condition, and, worst of all, she had a heartworm infection.  We took her in to the Our Companions Sanctuary and, with a little TLC, she quickly blossomed.

Jessie 050716c

Now, Jessie is a volunteer and visitor favorite.  With her health concerns behind her, she tears around the play yard fetching tennis balls, and has a great time with her doggie friends, Hera and Brody.  She’s well on the way to her fairy tale ending.

Jessie 050716e