Some teary but happy goodbyes are going out to four of our residents this week and next.

The first to say goodbye- our two lovable roommates:  Mason and Monty.

We are so happy for our boy Mason who joined us in March of 2015 -born without his hind legs, he stubbornly managed to survive outside for years.  Spotted by his rescuer stealing bird seed from her feeder to eat, she gained his trust, and was able to  coax him inside and care for him until he joined us at the Sanctuary.  Over the past year he has amazed us all with his resilience and strong will.

Monty joined us in February of this year.  Rescued from a hoarding situation -it was suspected initially that he only had some type of vision impairment. But,  after consulting with a feline ophthalmologist, we discovered that he is completely blind.  -Surprising to us because he carries on so fearlessly: climbing, running and playing – not letting anything stop him.

They met and  became roommates and playmates at the Sanctuary, learning to deal with each others “different” abilities.  Both cats have unbelievable and unstoppable spirits.  And both are going to their new homes within a day of each other.

It was an emotional goodbye for the both of them:

monty & mason 040716c hmmm how should we do this ..monty & mason 040716a
maybe a quick kiss goodbye…….

015                                                        026

whoaahhh just a minute there Monty …………oooooh   yuck this is a bit awkward!

Hey how about we just do a quick good luck to ya slap on the shoulder……

Yeah that sounds good masey – lets give it a try.

monty & mason 040716b


021   phew!  yeah, that went much better.

Good luck boys!  We’ll miss you both.


Next week our two girls  Chrissy and Heidi get to head to their new home together.  Both born into a hoarding situation where they were not properly socialized or cared for, they joined the Sanctuary in early September at about 12 weeks of age.

Our volunteers have spent countless hours working with them trying to gain their trust and confidence and they have made tremendous progress.  Although still skittish, the girls have grown into beautiful sweet and loving kitties.

Now a wonderful adopter has come along – willing to give them the space, love and most importantly the time they need to form that special bond – called unconditional  love.

Good luck to you too girls -we’ll miss you.

Finally – a cute little side note:

To send off our kitties with all of our best wishes one of our volunteers had a fantastic  idea of sending along cards with their adopters – another volunteer went with that idea and created custom cards for each cat:

Such a happy and fun way to express our feelings for the cats we care for and have come to love so much.  We’re looking forward to signing many more!

Adventure Time!


Here at thadventure Aggiee Our Companions Sanctuary, we’re always seeking ways to give our dogs the most normal and home-like life that we can.  One thing that goes a long way toward that goal is the “field trips” we take them on.  Being located in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner, we’re very lucky to have a number of trails and parks in the area that our staff and volunteers can bring our dogs to for some exploration and adventure.  And as the weather warms, it opens up so many possibilities to give our pups a fun day away from home.

Aggie 062715c

Hera Hike at Natchaug 5Hera Hike at Natchaug 3Gidget adventure smileKaylee 2-20-16aKaylee 021316aLucy 022216a

Piper, The Indestructible!

Piper 011816bMeet Piper, the indestructible dog.  Piper has been with us at the Our Companions Sanctuary since January.    She was caught by the animal control officer of a nearby town where she had been running loose for weeks.  She was scared and, even worse, had suffered major damage to one of her hips in some kind of accident.  But she was very social and friendly, so we took her in and started the process of getting a good assessment of her physical and emotional condition.  As soon as she entered our home-like environment, she blossomed into lovable lap dog ready to shower volunteers and visitors with snuggles and kisses.  Her physical needs were much concerning, though.  There was some concern that the damage to her hip was going to cause her to loose her leg.  However, after consulting severPiper012216aal veterinarians, we found that we could get her back to healthy mobility with a single surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation.  So that’s what we chose to do.  Piper had her surgery in late February and we got right to work on her physical therapy.  It has been tough work for us and for her, and has included not only several exercise sessions every day, but twice weekly trips to a canine physical therapist.  She’s been a trooper through it all and her recovery has been amazing.  Within days, she was beginning to use her foot for walking and, after just a month, she’s back to taking regular walks with our volunteers.  The doctors have been so impressed with her and with the dedication of our staff and volunteers to her rehabilitation.  She still has quite a journey ahead of her, but she’s well on her way to a happy healthy life.


photo 2