Can you tell us when?

They tell us we’re perfect in every way.

They tell us we’ve got stunning looks.

They tell us we do everything right:  we’re sweet, affectionate, playful and would make loyal and loving companions.

They tell us we’ve been rescued…………..

……Then why are we still waiting?




Found in the fall of 2013, hanging around outside on someones property.  At first they thought he was feral, running away whenever they approached.

Then there were times they caught him peering through their kitchen slider.

After a few weeks he began to accept their food and finally their friendship.  He spent the winter on their porch with an insulated house and heated bed.

Unable to keep him because they already had many other cats he came to the Sanctuary in January of 2015- he is still here waiting…

Described as a Velcro kitty- he loves being near people, sitting in their lap,sleeping in their bed  always purring contentedly.  He’s snuggly, lovable and entertaining – even learning new tricks- trying desperately to find a way into someones heart.




Her previous home was filled with loud arguments and scary situations. Then she was abandoned and tossed outside when her “family” was evicted.  The neighbors stepped in to feed her and reached out for help as they also had cats of their own.

She came to the sanctuary in December of 2015.  After  her various health issues were addressed and she was able to rest, relax and feel good again, her true personality as an affectionate, sweet, and loving cat came out. -She still prefers to be treated like a princess of course.


We want the chance to share our lives with that special someone-

We promise to greet you loyally every night when you come home.  we’ll sit with you and listen to you tell us the stories of your day.

Share your love with us and we’ll promise to love you back – forever.

Let us be your one and only……


Now -when will they tell us that we finally have a home?

home sweet home              cat sleeping


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