Mirror, Mirror

Who’s looking more beautiful than ever?  Just a quick update on our girl Snickers.  She  sailed through her second little nip and tuck and is recovering wonderfully.   Once that hair grows in a bit she’s going to be even more irresistible to all our boys.

Fortunately, she only has eyes for her bud Barry.  He is keeping a careful eye on his girl- making sure she’s eating right and getting plenty of rest.

Soon she’ll be having her next check-up with  hopes of shedding that silly, very unfashionable collar!


In other cat news we welcomed two new large boys to the Sanctuary:   Higgins was our first arrival.

higgins 021716a

A handsome but somewhat nervous guy (at first) who quickly settled in and was happy to help welcome his new roommate Monty…….

Soon after, Monty and Higgins found that they kind of  liked one another.-sort of.

We are looking to welcome a few more kitties to the Sanctuary soon but need to open up a little space first. So we  are currently promoting some of our cats that need to be your one and only.

Do you know someone who needs a perfect match?

elizabeth 121015b

Single silver-gray female looking for her perfect match.

playful, sweet, likes to cuddle, homebody who prefers a quiet, not so active household.

Hobbies:  Bird watching, attacking stuffed mice, napping


maurice 082615a

Single orange male looking for a  best buddy to hang with

Intelligent, outgoing, friendly,easygoing, and loyal, likes to be part of the household activities.

Hobbies:  Sleeping, snuggling with his green monkey, batting around his ping pong ball.



Single, brown  female looking for her soulmate

Loves company, likes predictable routines and gentle affection,

Hobbies:  sunbathing, relaxing, dieting




Single, brown female looking for someone who will spoil her and treat her like a queen.

Well behaved, quiet and independent needs someone with patience and love to spare,

Hobbies: Bird watching,  Hanging out




Single gray  Male looking for that special someone

Cautious, curious, smart, and affectionate.  He has an independent streak but does enjoy human companionship.

Hobbies:  napping, bird watching,  collecting boxes




we’re all hopeful that everyone is going to find their special someone soon!    …… and that gets a double high five from Maurice


maurice high five 021916





A new beginning for two BFF’S

Back in December these two BFF’s joined us at the Sanctuary.  Snickers, our sweet torti girl showed up in a managed colony of ferals while Barry, our handsome gray tabby was found lying in a gutter on the side of the road.

Their lives quickly turned around the day both were taken in by Animal Control. They met at that shelter and from the beginning they seemed to have eyes only for each other.

two cats looking at each other


When they arrived at the Sanctuary- both were dealing with a few medical issues:  barry 010716d

Barry was discovered to have only one kidney………



….and Snickers was having multiple eye issues: snickers 010316a

They remained together at the Sanctuary.  Barry always acting as Snickers protector, nosing around every time we needed to administer her eye medications.

Fortunately Barry didn’t require any special treatment for his condition (just a diet of wet food).  Snickers on the other hand needed two operations to “fix” several painful conditions of her eyes.

The first operation was done this past Wednesday.

Barry waited patiently for her to come home spending a long night alone. (Doing a little nervous eating).

barry 012216dsnickers020516a

Happily the operation was a success and she is resting, healing a bit ,and preparing for her second surgery next week.

Barry was a little confused and unnerved by her appearance when she returned but welcomed her home none the less-and helped her to settle back in.

We look forward to having her next surgery over with and getting her on her way to a complete recovery.  So – check in soon for updates on Snickers & Barry!