Treasured Gifts

We asked our Sanctuary Kitties what their most treasured gifts have been this holiday season and here is what they told us:

The gift of one more day to witness one more beautiful sunrise…….


Co-workers that are always willing to lend a hand….or a shoulder….or whatever it takes……

elizabeth 121215a hazel 121615

MICE!  real and pretend:


Comfortable sleeping spots:

veronica082715belizabeth 121015a

Friends that double as pillows ……or are pillows.


Believing that everyday brings a miracle…..

bo 120915b

…..and treasuring every moment of every day.

Of course, we do have our share of scrooges too:

No Way!          I’m not wearing that stinking hat!

dusty 121015c
Bah Humbug!


Mr. Popular

So as we do withWatson 120415a any new dog here, we’ve been taking our newest guest, Watson, on walks with the other dogs to see how he does. Watson came to us with a neurological disorder that affects his balance and movement, so I was doubly interested to see how the other dogs would react to Watson’s small size, strange appearance, and erratic movements. Over the last few days, he’s walked with everyone but Lucy and Gidget. We’re in no hurry with either of those two, thinking that both of them would be far too stimulated by his peculiar movements.  So far, it’s all gone very well.  He seems very dog social, though we didn’t want him to actually meet anyone until after his neuter and recovery. Aggie was confused by him, but quickly figured out to ignore him. He sparked a little bit of prey eyes from Jasper and Kaylee, but nothing dangerous. They took a little longer than they would with other dogs to calm down and just walk, but they eventually did. Lila and Mae were curious about him, but quickly ignored him and followed their noses. We gave them the opportunity to sniff, but Lila and Mae wanted nothing to do with his crazy energy when they got up close. His best walking partner was actually Hera. She was only mildly interested in him, but his presence was enough to get her moving. So, we’ll keep you posted as Mr. Popular wins over the dogs and people here at the Sanctuary.

Scooter 6
Scooter 5Scooter 4