Echo’s Going Home!

GreaEcho 8-25-15 et news today!  Echo is heading off to his new forever home.  Echo came to us just over two months ago after the passing of his previous owner.  He’s a fantastic dog who loved people, got along great with the other dogs here, and had extraordinary obedience skills.  It actually took us several weeks just to figure out all of the tricks he knows and I’m still not sure we got them all.  He did have some anxious behaviors around bright lights and loud noises that we had to work with him on, but he made great progress while here.

The volunteers were all so taken with him that many talked him up to friends and family and he is now going home to a relative of one of our volunteers.  He’ll have a nice quiet home to show off his skills and shower affection on his new mom.  Good luck, Echo!  We’ll miss you!


Happy 3rd Birthday, OC Sanctuary!

It was a fine Fall day for the Our Companions Animal Sanctuary to host a celebration, and what a celebration to behold! The sanctuary has officially been open for three years and has since been helping beautiful felines and canines find their loving forever homes. This sanctuary holds such a close place in the hearts of many, especially the volunteers who give so much of their time and attention to making sure the animals are happy and thriving. It was so nice to celebrate with some of these amazing individuals over some apple cider and cupcakes (featuring the faces of some of the pets to have been at the sanctuary over the past year) and get to know a little more about them. Stories were shared over the antics of the dogs and fond memories were expressed over the playful kitties.

OC 3rd bday Judi Cupcake   OC 3rd bday Cupcakes OC 3rd Bday Michelle cupcake OC 3rd bday Joann and Aggie

OC 3rd bday cupcakes 2

OC 3rd bday dog petolantern
a specially carved dog pumpkin.. who was the model?
OC 3rd bday cat petolantern
This cool cat is down to party! MEOW!







We even had some beautiful pumpkins donated by a very talented volunteer! Thanks Jane!!

A special guest made an appearance as well! Johnny came out to see so many of his admirers before he embarked on his next stage in life, a wonderful new home with an amazing family. A true Cinderella story for the large sick lab that spent the last two years of his life healing and forging friendships with everyone he met. tears of joy were shed as well as lots of lingering snuggles. We’re so happy for you, Johnny!


A special thanks to our giving volunteers

veronica042815cJust recently, a life experience had me thinking about our generous volunteers.  Every day they visit our resident cats, giving their time and energy,  bringing smiles and comfort.

I’m pretty sure from time to time they might even wonder if what they are doing matters and if it really makes any difference to our cats.

That question I  will address shortly,  but first, here’s my story:

As stories often go – my day started out pretty much like any other:  too many things to do and never enough time to do it in.

On this particular day, my son had been sick and out of school for several days.  So, after work, it was a visit to the pediatrician for what we thought would be a quick diagnosis of the stomach flu.  After nearly an hour and a half in the office we were eager to get out of there and on our way home.  Our doctor however, had other thoughts and plans for us.  So, instead of heading home we were on our way to the local Emergency Room for something that turned out to be a little more serious.

Several hours, numerous questions, prodding and tests later, we discovered that  our next stop would be up to the OR.

We never did make it back home that night – and my son didn’t make it home for the next five nights.  Fortunately, he was lucky to have us by his side during this time.  Without us he would have felt alone,  and even more frightened- a tough situation for anyone, even an adult to be in.

Over those six long days, he had a lot of “visitors” from different departments.  Some brought treats (most of the time he wasn’t feeling up for), some brought activities, while others just came to sit and talk or play games to occupy the time.

Initially the visits felt too often, overwhelming and almost irritating.  Over time, however, he came to look forward to these visits and the smiles and comforting words and feelings they brought.

This is the the point where my mind drifts back, as it usually does, to our cats at the Sanctuary. They  come to us in a similar situation: scared, lonely, not feeling well, often with very few possessions of their own to comfort them.  At times they are subjected to stressful vet visits beforehand where they are poked and prodded, often given vaccinations and blood tests and sometimes even surgery.

Just as with my son I am sure they initially just want to be left alone, wishing everyone would just go away.  But I do know in time, that all changes.  Slowly, they get used to their daily rounds of visitors – some who just want to sit and comfort, some who offer treats and still others who are happy to offer play.  Eventually we begin to see changes in our cats behavior.   We notice how they come to  look forward to their special daily visits-and how they “perk up” when visitors arrive.

So, for me, answering the question of whether volunteers make a difference: There’s no question in my mind – and that answer is clearly YES.

And if you don’t just want to take my word for it – take a look at this recent study below:

In The Name Of Science, Here’s Why You Should Spend More Time Cuddling Cats

So here’s a big thank you to all of our volunteers – who give their time and love.

And make our lives so much happier.

Lots of Love,

The kitties

Dillon nap

Jasper and Friends

Jasper 1

So, did you ever know someone who was a little bit of a jerk, but managed to get everyone to like him anyway? I feel that way about Jasper and all his little furry friends here.  He has been combining well with Hera and Johnny (and really, who doesn’t combine well with Johnny?), though he can be a little pushy and domineering with both of them. As well, he’s been having walks and play time with Echo, though house time has been rough with them.

Well, they finally seem to have worked it out and they are now fine to have house time together. It’s like that coworker that you don’t really like, but you manage to work well with anyway.  And just to push things a little farther, since Johnny’s departure, Jasper’s been getting together with Lucy. They walk beautifully together and are starting to learn to play well together.  Let’s hope Jasper’s charm continues to work it’s magic!


Welcome to the new Our Companions Blog!

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